Our Story

GroupSystems automation software is based on 30+ of years research into the cognitive behavioral science of group productivity and consensus driven decision making.

Our Mission

Re-imagine the way in which enterprise software and business transformation is deployed across large and complex enterprises - eliminating waste, speeding time to value, and ensuring lasting results.


ThinkTank combines continuous process requirements capture and stakeholder engagement across the deployment lifecycle, into a cloud-based automation platform, used by leading brands and their consulting partners.



Enterprise Software Deployment Automation

As business races to the cloud, $200b+/year is spent on enterprise software/ERP licenses and the services to deploy them successfully.  Yet 75% of these implementations fail to meet their intended business case, due to a traditionally analog and inefficient implementation model.

  • Systems integration consultants, and their Fortune 2000 clients, use ThinkTank to dramatically improve enterprise and ERP software deployments, as the people/process interface that captures and codifies business requirements across complex distributed organizations.

  • Through automation, we accelerate and de-risk enterprise software deployments, reduce costs and drive new business as a differentiated system of engagement for cloud software success.

Digital Engagement Workshops

The solution that started it all.  ThinkTank's Workshop & Consensus Automation enables leaders and facilitators to conduct high impact workshops, critical meetings, breakouts, design thinking, strategy, innovation and executive alignment sessions - without the shackles of traditional sticky note and flip-chart based interaction.  

Workday Software Deployment Lead

"We would not have been able to deliver our outcomes – either on time or with the same quality, without using this tool"


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