COVID-19 Disrupting Business?
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Our Story

GroupSystems digital engagement software is based on 30+ of years research into the cognitive behavioral science of group productivity and consensus driven decision making.

Our Mission

To remove the friction typically associated with business transformation and organizational alignment, through the use of digital engagement and next generation workforce facilitation technology.


Our platform combines an array of remote workforce productivity and facilitation tools that simplify the process of stakeholder management, ideation, information capture and requirements gathering, categorization, prioritization, change management and alignment.



Requirements Lifecycle Management & Software Implementation Management

As business races to the cloud, $200b+/year is spent on enterprise software/ERP licenses and the services to deploy them successfully.  Yet 75% of these implementations fail to meet their intended business case, due to a traditionally analog, error prone and inefficient implementation model.

  • Systems integration consultants, and their Fortune 2000 clients, use ThinkTank to dramatically improve enterprise and ERP software deployments, as the system of engagement that captures and codifies business process requirements across complex distributed organizations.

  • Using expert templates and workforce productivity tools, we accelerate and de-risk enterprise software deployments, reduce costs and drive new business as a differentiated system of engagement for cloud software success.

COVID-19 Impacting your ERP or enterprise software deployment?

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Digital Engagement Workshops

The solution that started it all.  ThinkTank's Digital Workshop tools enable leaders and facilitators to conduct high impact workshops, critical meetings, breakouts, design thinking, strategy, innovation and executive alignment sessions - without the shackles of traditional sticky note and flip-chart based interaction.  

Workday Software Deployment Lead

"We would not have been able to deliver our outcomes – either on time or with the same quality, without using this tool"


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