Engagement Workshops

Millions are wasted annually on travel and facilitation of old school workshops and engagement sessions that are still using decades-old analog tools and techniques.
ThinkTank enables leaders to guide distributed teams through complex planning and transformation programs.  Combining an array of remote workforce productivity and facilitation tools that simplify the process of ideation, categorization, prioritization and alignment required to reach group consensus.  Critical aspects of strategy planning, risk management, and transformation programs.

Stakeholder engagement &

workshop facilitation is stuck in the '90s

Businesses waste millions of dollars per year in flying expensive executives, consultants and facilitators around the globe, to run workshops and group-based activities with flip charts, sticky notes and and brown paper.

ThinkTank re-invented stakeholder engagement, transforming how leaders direct and drive outcomes from remote and distributed teams.  


Our Digital Engagement Workshop toolkit draws on 30+ years of behavioral science to guide project teams to successful outcomes on mission-critical initiatives that require group alignment .

How It Works:

Typical Use Cases For Digital Facilitation & Visual Workshops

Strategic Planning & Alignment

Enterprise Risk & Internal Audit

Transformation & Change Management

  •  Convene teams and stakeholders in a private digital forum
  • Direct groups along a defined path of success, using smart event flow 
  • Use powerful collaborative components to share concepts, crowdsource input, reduce and prioritize, vote and align
  • Slice through politics and bias, using selective anonymity
  • Speed time to group alignment and deliverables, while reducing cost of travel, admin and backtracking.

AIG's CEO on ThinkTank

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